Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning is an important legal process that many individuals and families unfortunately overlook. Some people may think they do not need an estate plan, and their families and loved ones eventually suffer for it. Consulting an estate planning services attorney familiar with these delicate matters can help ensure your financial security, and that of your loved ones.

Clarence Chan is a skilled and experienced estate planning services lawyer in Stockton, California. We invite you to contact the Law Office of Clarence K. Chan, Prof. Corp. to have your estate planning concerns reviewed by one of the most respected lawyers in the community. During your initial consultation, you might want to ask questions regarding the following specialized topics:

– Asset Protection Strategies
– Executor or Personal Representative Responsibilities
– Death Tax
– Debt After Death
– Wills and Inheritance
– Revoking or Changing a Will
– Creating a Trust
– Irrevocable vs. Revocable Trusts
– Trust Administration

Even if you are unfamiliar with what all these terms mean, an estate planning services attorney will be able to help you determine which strategies are right for your estate. If you carefully collect all your financial documents and determine exactly what assets are contained within your estate before meeting with your estate planning services lawyer, it will help the initial consultation to go more smoothly. The Law Office of Clarence K. Chan, Prof. Corp. will also help you to discover hidden assets or ones you might have missed. Once your assets are discovered and disclosed, your estate planning services lawyer will be able to suggest the best course of action for your particular financial situation and goals.

There are many different types of estates that require different handling and distribution methods, depending on the jurisdiction in which you live. As a long-standing estate planning services attorney in California, Clarence Chan has helped to plan and execute hundreds of estates of varying size and composition. He will be able to explain your options and set your mind at ease. Properly preparing your estate and administering it correctly will make the process of administering your estate much simpler for your loved ones. An estate planning services attorney can also help you with asset protection. Your estate planning services lawyer will be able to assist you in this process.

If you are ready to ensure your and your family’s continued financial stability, contact the Law Office of Clarence K. Chan, Prof. Corp. today.